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The Premier USCIS Civil Surgeon Center in Atlanta

We are a full service USCIS Civil Surgeon Center

  • Unlike other USCIS civil surgeons in the area, we stock all vaccines required to complete your I-693 form. From Varicella to MMR, we have it all.
  • We offer 1 day visits for those clients who are pressed for time.
  • We offer both PPD skin testing and QuantiFERON TB Gold Testing for Tuberculosis Screening

Our prices are competitive
  • Our vaccine prices are low.  Some of our vaccines are even priced lower than the Health Department
  • Our adult exams start at $155
  • From referring children to the Health Department for their vaccines (where they are free), to working with your primary care physicians to obtain your vaccines so they can be covered by your insurance, we go the extra step to help keep your costs down 

For an appointment, please call 404-254-6178 or email


Immigration Physicals